American Steel Fabricators

Structural Steel

Design & Fabrication: From the begining stages of design to the final stages of fabrication, American Steel Fabrication will be there to ensure your project is completed properly.

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Decades of Work

Since 1985, American Steel Fabricators, Inc. has been serving industry with dedication and perseverance. Through the years, we have served our customers with high quality, small specialized part fabrications to large "turn-key" projects.

On-Site Consultation/Installation

On-Site Consultation/Installation: American Steel Fabricators, Inc. has the experience and knowledge to help our customers on-site where the work will be performed.

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Turn-Key Service

American Steel Fabricators, Inc. has the capability to supply our customers with a complete fabrication service. We work with our customers to design their projects by visiting them on-site, discussing their needs and timelines. After reviewing their demands, we then fabricate, with our experienced personnel, in our modern 15,000 square feet facility centrally located in Farmington, MI. Finally, we install the project at our customer's location on time and within budget.

Manufacturing Services Offered:
  • welding services
  • tanks
  • tables
  • supports
  • steel plate work
  • stands
  • stairs
  • shelving
  • reservoirs
  • railing
  • racks
  • prototypes
  • platforms
  • pipe fabrications
  • pans
  • pallets
  • mezzanines
  • liners
  • housings
  • hoods
  • enclosures
  • ducts
  • containment units
  • containers
  • cones
  • columns
  • carts
  • cabinets
  • buckets
  • boxes
  • booths
  • benches
  • beams
  • baskets
  • bases and frames
  • conveyors